We often refer to the Characteristics of Professional Excellence—a list of specific behaviors, values, and attitudes that every school must create to illustrate how its faculty acts to meet the school’s mission and helps mold its intended graduates.  The majority of these are primarily centered around creating a culture of predictability and supportiveness for students. Some examples of these characteristics are:

  • knowledge of “cutting edge” content/process;
  • high—but not uniform—standards for/expectations of all students;
  • active support for colleagues; and
  • responsiveness to parent needs.

INSPERIA is a lively, busy community in which gifts and talents of both staff and students have ample opportunity for expression and development. The campus, located in the greenery impudent adjacent to the litchi tree garden, enjoys year-round cool temperatures and abundant rainfall. Our staff are our most valuable resource and we priorities the continuing development of their professional knowledge and skills. At the beginning of each exam and test, we hold a t staff retreat in which time is set aside for staff training, for various roles. There are also opportunities for training and support throughout the year, whether this is through external expertise accessed online or by drawing on the experience of our staff.